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Newsbin 6.90 Release Final, March 4, 2022




  • Better support for obfuscated posting methods as well as new NZB formats
  • 7Zip Support
  • Improvements to display update mechanism
  • Improvements to server connection management
  • Minor Bug Fixes
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Changes in
this Version

Version 6.90 Final Release Build 5525, March 4, 2022

    NOTE: Will not run on XP, Vista, or 32 bit machines.

  • Rebuilt as final production version
  • Enabled language selection at install time
  • Rebuilt languge dll files and made available for download
  • Translation volunteers please visit the Translation Wiki
  • Details in the Newsbin Forums
Known Issues:


Version 6.90 Release Candidate 6 Build 5504, December 22, 2021

    NOTE: Will not run on XP, Vista, or 32 bit machines.

  • Header: Incomplete posts don.t show new OR old on the post list display.
  • Fixed issue where speed limiter was causing the GUI to stutter
  • Fixed issue where the repair progress wasn't showing.
  • Fixed issue where the Files list find was using filenames instead of the description field.
  • Validated posting capabilities and addressed some issues there.
  • Made change to no longer rename obfuscated descriptions if the number of output files is more than 5.
  • Changed obfuscated file rename to ignore anything but MKV, MP4 and some other media files. Solves reported problems with BDMV
  • Details in the Newsbin Forums
Known Issues:

Version 6.90 Release Candidate 5 Build 5485, November 19, 2021

    NOTE: Will not run on XP, Vista, or 32 bit machines.

  • Fixed issue where when the data folder in the NBI is missing the trailing slash, the folder used was one level up.
  • Fixed issue where download descriptions and poster were not sorting.
  • Changed watch lists to obey "Display Age".
  • AutoPAR now scans files and adds proper extensions based on file type when the extension is missing.
  • AutoPAR now looks in the subject for rename topic when downloading obfuscated posts.
  • Now supports NZB files that contain three way encoded content. Now will RAR/ZIP then RAR again.
  • Fixed a password problem with quickpar master splitter (QPMS) 7zip files which need passwords.
  • Fixed issue where default pause during decode to wouldn't pause during decode.
  • Made changes to ensure samples don't get mixed in when doing forced compaction when loading NZBs.
  • Now puts filepath validator in Remote NZB Decode Path to handle case where a partial path is provided.
  • Now uses NZB Download folder for NZB's if no specific decode folder is set.
  • Fixed issue where some PAR only sets linger in the download list even when they finish downloading.
  • When the final PAR downloads, now sends a notification to unpause more pars to catch PAR files that may not have been associated with this file. Move the set to failed if the unrar didn't complete.
  • You can't use the root path of a drive for downloading.
  • Added support for new NZB Formats which didn't compact and resulted in some left over PAR files.
  • Made modifications to pathing so hopefully it is more intuitive.
  • Made change to handle if no decode path is set, Newsbin will set the decode path to the download path.
  • Removed "Cat tv;" from the NZB filename stored in the download db for Sonarr files. It interfered with obfuscation rename function.
  • Made changes so the largest media files from Sonarr is stored in the succeeded list. Sonarr uses this list to pick up downloaded files.
  • Fixed issue where the default unrar path configured in sonarr options is bad
  • Sonarr uses category to ID which NZB's belong to it. Implemented new mechanism for storing as old one was not reliable.
  • Fixed issue posting files to Usenet
  • Details in the Newsbin Forums

Version 6.90 Release Candidate 3 Build 5462, September 20, 2021

    NOTE: Will not run on XP, Vista, or 32 bit machines.

  • Support for yet another type of post obfuscation.
  • Removed the behavior where NZBs always loaded directly to the download list.
  • Fixed "delete all posts" behavior. It will not trigger re-download of all headers after use.
  • Fixed issue where support of old header formats was lost.
  • Cosmetic fixes.
  • Details in the Newsbin Forums

Version 6.90 Release Candidate 1 Build 5424, July 31, 2021

    NOTE: Will not run on XP, Vista, or 32 bit machines.

  • Changes in Sonarr integration.
  • Fixed in AutoPAR behavior.
  • Cosmetic fixes.
  • Implemented logic to make damaged NZB files work. (Thanks to ideas our new friend in Germany) :)
  • Details in the Newsbin Forums
Known Issues:

Version 6.90 Beta 12 Build 5396, July 4, 2021

    NOTE: Will not run on XP, Vista, or 32 bit machines.

  • Fixed posting mechanism
  • Fixed Poster Lockout mechanism
  • Newest format NZB's with embedded invisible PARS now working properly.
  • Fixed 16K hash collisions in certain par sets (happened rarely)
  • Details in the Newsbin Forums
Known Issues:

Version 6.90 Beta 10 Build 5368, May 23, 2021

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed issue with Group of Groups path getting applied wrong. Now replaces slash with underscore.
  • Fixed issue where header import seems to interrupt large header loading.
  • Added more space to the Post List control for showing filter/full counts.
  • Speed improvements for loading large groups into a post list.
  • Fixed issue where repaired files that don't unrar were getting left in two places.
  • Added capability to use portion of filename as password for encrypted files. Some posters seem to follow this pattern.
  • Improvements to ctrl-r (read post body) functionality
  • Details in the Newsbin Forums
Known Issues:

Version 6.90 Beta 7 Build 5317, February 28, 2021

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed issue with 7Zip master splitter files with accompaning PAR files (QPMS) wouldn't repair properly.
  • Fixed issue when a file in a combined set didn't belong to the PAR set, it wouldn't trigger a repair attempt.
  • Fixed issue in Properties windows, it wasn't showing correct file status
  • Now applies rename of obfuscated posts more broadly to any media extension.
  • Fixed problem with excessive memory use in long download sessions
  • Fixed issue where one small file missing from a set might prevent the rest of the repair and unrar.
  • Fixed issue showing the pause icon on the start bar.
  • Full release notes available after running the installer.
Known Issues:

  • Speed limiter causes the GUI to stutter
  • Can't sample 7zip encoded sets
  • Password entry is ambiguous. If you want to add to the list, you have to use the main menu. The password entry in the download list assigns passwords to downloads.
  • Download speed seems erratic. Need to see if packet delivery is stalling or needs caching.
  • Sampling from files list doesn't work. Doesn't generate proper samples in list.
  • Poster lockouts still not hooked up. Poster delete still works.
  • Default filter file isn't getting installed
  • Posting doesn't work

Version 6.90 Beta 2 Build 5218, December 29, 2020

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed issue processing password protected files
  • Display update should be smoother now. Hopefully fewer "Display Update Pending" messages.
  • Improvements to server connection management. If the server rejects a connection, will "jail" the connection for 10 minutes. It will show as red in the display until the jail expires.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 6.90 Beta 1 Build 5200, August 13, 2020

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • 7zip support.
  • fix for certain corrupted NZBs
  • Fixes for some weird autopar cases.
  • Restrict the length of pathing and filenames derived from the NZB Filename.
  • Improved rename of obscured unrars. If the extension doesn't exist, the file is probed for the proper extension.
  • Latest OpenSSL and MbedTLS
  • Fixed issue where speed limit would get enabled when entering some options dialogs.
  • Fix for some illegal encodings in NZB Files
  • Improved Files list cleanup
  • Restrict NZB Filenames to 80 chars (for pathing).
  • Restrict NZB Derived paths to 80 chars (for pathing)
  • Removed .set selection. in download list during delete. Otherwise selection will grow and it steals focus.
  • Addressed issue with CRC errors on some decode blocks.
  • Restrict the length of the MKV file rename by restricting the length of the NZB Filename part.
  • Fixed issue where the download list sometimes steals focus from post list.
  • Fixed a problem where a partial download with partial rename which left a mix of renamed and not renames files wouldn.t unrar properly.
  • Sets with no obvious PAR files now downloads smallest to largest.
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