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Newsbin 6.90 Beta 7, February 28, 2021




  • 7Zip Support
  • Improvements to display update mechanism
  • Improvements to server connection management
  • Minor Bug Fixes
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Changes in
this Version

Version 6.90 Beta 7 Build 5317, February 28, 2021

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed issue with 7Zip master splitter files with accompaning PAR files (QPMS) wouldn't repair properly.
  • Fixed issue when a file in a combined set didn't belong to the PAR set, it wouldn't trigger a repair attempt.
  • Fixed issue in Properties windows, it wasn't showing correct file status
  • Now applies rename of obfuscated posts more broadly to any media extension.
  • Fixed problem with excessive memory use in long download sessions
  • Fixed issue where one small file missing from a set might prevent the rest of the repair and unrar.
  • Fixed issue showing the pause icon on the start bar.
  • Full release notes available after running the installer.
Known Issues:

  • Speed limiter causes the GUI to stutter
  • Can't sample 7zip encoded sets
  • Password entry is ambiguous. If you want to add to the list, you have to use the main menu. The password entry in the download list assigns passwords to downloads.
  • Download speed seems erratic. Need to see if packet delivery is stalling or needs caching.
  • Sampling from files list doesn't work. Doesn't generate proper samples in list.
  • Poster lockouts still not hooked up. Poster delete still works.
  • Default filter file isn't getting installed
  • Posting doesn't work


Version 6.90 Beta 2 Build 5218, December 29, 2020

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed issue processing password protected files
  • Display update should be smoother now. Hopefully fewer "Display Update Pending" messages.
  • Improvements to server connection management. If the server rejects a connection, will "jail" the connection for 10 minutes. It will show as red in the display until the jail expires.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 6.90 Beta 1 Build 5200, August 13, 2020

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • 7zip support.
  • fix for certain corrupted NZBs
  • Fixes for some weird autopar cases.
  • Restrict the length of pathing and filenames derived from the NZB Filename.
  • Improved rename of obscured unrars. If the extension doesn't exist, the file is probed for the proper extension.
  • Latest OpenSSL and MbedTLS
  • Fixed issue where speed limit would get enabled when entering some options dialogs.
  • Fix for some illegal encodings in NZB Files
  • Improved Files list cleanup
  • Restrict NZB Filenames to 80 chars (for pathing).
  • Restrict NZB Derived paths to 80 chars (for pathing)
  • Removed .set selection. in download list during delete. Otherwise selection will grow and it steals focus.
  • Addressed issue with CRC errors on some decode blocks.
  • Restrict the length of the MKV file rename by restricting the length of the NZB Filename part.
  • Fixed issue where the download list sometimes steals focus from post list.
  • Fixed a problem where a partial download with partial rename which left a mix of renamed and not renames files wouldn.t unrar properly.
  • Sets with no obvious PAR files now downloads smallest to largest.

Version 6.82 Release Candidate 3 Build 5133, November 17, 2019

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed issue where the disk free popup would pop spuriously.
  • Fixed issue where MP3 files after repair would sometimes be deleted after moving to MP3 mode folders.

Version 6.82 Release Candidate 2 Build 5132, November 3, 2019

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed issue where Downloading Files list was grabbing focus after a header download completed.
  • Made some tweaks to how MP3's inside of RAR files are handled.

Version 6.82 Release Candidate 1 Build 5123, October 10, 2019

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Now disconnects whenever any error 400 or above that Newsbin can't specifically ID is received. Was getting hung up on a new "400 session time limit" error that started showing up.
  • Changes to handle file renaming for music download mode. Same logic also handles obfuscated mastersplitter posts with associated par files.
  • Fixed issue where long German words was triggering the obfuscated file detector.
  • Fixed issue when you delete from the download list or files list, the next remaining item was not getting focus.
  • Fixed repaint issue in the Files List whenever there is a delete or add.

Version 6.82 Beta 9 Build 5119, September 2, 2019

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed issue when using NZB Autoload, couldn't search for content in the angle brackets "< >" of a description.
  • Fixed issue when using "Download to Folder Named for Subject" and the filename is the entire subject, the subject was getting doubled up.
  • Fixed issue processing yEnc encoded files when the filename is missing.
  • Fixed issue processing filenames consisting of one character.
  • Improved performance of the Properties box in the Post and Download lists. Forty GB sets were taking forever to display. It is much faster now.
  • Fixed issue in logic cleaning subject data - was missing some cases where the filename was repeated twice in subject
  • Made improvements to filename extractor and subject parser.
  • Fixed issue where certain files that get moved by the PAR files but don't unrar and leave the old files behind in the files list. Addresses books with RARS and MKV files posted directly and not in a RAR.
  • Fixed potential corruption bug that could happen when only a single item matched while performing a find in download list.

Version 6.82 Beta 8 Build 5110, June 10, 2019

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed an error that prevents retries from counting properly when a server returns 500 errors.
  • Fixed a problem where long groups was used instead of short group in download pathing.
  • Update obfuscated filename renamer to work with more file types other than MKV files. Should work with any file type now.
  • By default Sonarr downloads are now sent to the top of the download list. This is configurable in the newsbin.nbi configuration file.
  • Fixed issue where local searching doesn't respect the group folder (Group of Groups) setting when searching groups.
  • PAR file renamer now applies to more obfuscated PAR types.

Version 6.82 Beta 7 Build 5109, June 1, 2019

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Improvements to Sonarr Category support

Version 6.82 Beta 6 Build 5103, May 13, 2019

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed registration issue

Version 6.82 Beta 5 Build 5100, May 9, 2019

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Removed popup message left over from debugging

Version 6.82 Beta 4 Build 5096, May 5, 2019

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Newsbin now fails downloads that exceed 15% error rate instead of forging ahead and attempting to download the rest of the file. You can adjust this threshold by manually editting the newsbin.nbi configuration file. (Instructions)
  • Changes to Sonarr support adding full "category" support for Radarr which requires it.
  • Changes to Sonarr interface to add speed and download queue size to queue command.

Version 6.82 Beta 3 Build 5090, March 5, 2019

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed issue where column sizes would not save on high DPI screens.
  • Changed the "Load NZB" button to always load into a post list. People were unhappy with it honoring the "Download Loaded NZBs" option.
  • Made format changes to Ctrl-R results, now quotes found filenames.
  • Added option to choose to apply or not apply filters on manually loaded NZB files. It's under Options -> Settings -> NZB Options.

Version 6.82 Beta 2 Build 50??, 2019

  • Didn't happen. Internal testing only.

Version 6.82 Beta 1 Build 5088, December 27, 2018

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed issue with unrar path used by Sonarr.
  • Fixed issue with Sonarr not including "Content Length" in requests.
  • Update reported version to match latest SAB.
  • Verified that "Delete all" from queue and history actually does both.
  • Fixed issue accepting URL's from NZBHydra. Differing opinion on when to URL encode forward slashes as specified in the RFC.
  • Fixed issue where Newsbin was not following redirected URL's received by NZBHydra. Sonarr sends direct URLs.
  • Changes to support obfuscated posts with no extensions. As reported in this forum thread
My ex-husband introduced me to it years ago and he has left so I got my own subscription. N.H., Leander, TX - March 6, 2016