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January 26, 2017, 8:30am

Important Message if you Download Headers

Several popular newsgroups on Usenet are getting spammed so hard it is causing performance problems in Newsbin for some users. If you are a subscriber to our Usenet Search Service or download from NZB files then you are not impacted by this.

To help resolve performance issues, we have released Newsbin Version 6.73 Release Candidate 2 that allows you to easily create a filter to prevent spam such as this from getting into the header database. This can cause increased resource usage and delays loading headers for viewing.

Once you install the latest version, follow these instructions to install the filter.

We are always available for help through our Support Form.

January 22, 2017, 5:00pm

How to Filter Spam During Header Downloads

If you do not download headers and instead use our Usenet Search Service or NZB files then you can disregard this MOTD

Several popular newsgroups have been flooded by posts that cannot be downloaded with Newsbin over the last few weeks. They are all from the same poster and can be filtered out during header download which is more efficient than letting it get added to the database and then removing them later. Quade posted instructions on the Newsbin Forums explaining how to do it.

We are always available for help through our Support Form.


Heard about it from a friend.....and he's a wiz... P.T., Northamptonshire, Great Britain - August 20, 2014